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   Varieties of no weaponssigns

   The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) outlines the types of signage used throughout the United States, as well as their colors and uses.    Below are a number of the types of signs used throughout the country and their meanings.

Regulatory Signs
Regulatory signs are used to inform road users of laws that govern their street usage. For instance, a stop sign is a regulatory sign because it indicates a legal obligation for a motorist to come to a stop at that intersection. As per the MUTCD, regulatory signs are nearly always black, white, red, or some combination thereof.
Warning Signs
A warning sign tells a motorist that they are approaching a non-obvious hazard, like a curve or an animal crossing. These signs don't indicate any sort of duty under the law, but instead warn drivers to keep themselves and others safe. Warning signs always have either yellow or fluorescent yellow-green backgrounds with black writing and graphics on them.
Temporary signs are another type of common signage throughout the country, which are most familiar to drivers as indicators of long delays at the hands of road construction. Temporary signs are nearly always orange and black and often contain words alerting drivers of the reason why the signs are there. Sometimes these signs indicate a detour route or a closed lane.
Signs that indicate where drivers are or indicate where they are going are known as guide signs. This category includes highway, freeway, and expressway signs, as well as signs that indicate the distance from a point to another point. These signs can take on nearly any color.
Though they are not technically road signs, traffic signals play an integral role in any driver's experience on the road due to their ubiquity. According to the NYC DOT's website, as of June 30, 2011, there were 12,460 intersections with traffic signals in New York City.
Information signs let drivers know some tidbit about the road that they're driving on, like the location of the nearest hospital, where to go in case of a hurricane, or who has adopted that particular highway. These signs are usually blue and white, but they can also be green and white.
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